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5 acres (2 hectares) in the heart of Miami industrial zone, 2 acres (0.8 hectares) available for future expansion, 75,000 ft² (7,650 m²) warehouse, 25 Loading/Unloading positions, US Customs approved bonded warehouse facility, 150,000 gallons (570,000 litres) in 9 separate tanks, White Room for handling USP liquids, Bulk blending facilities, Custom filling of liquid products, Recycling of plastic totes for resins

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Product Lines

Raw materials for the manufacture of: Paints and Coatings, Construction Admixtures, Personal Care Products, Home, Industrial, and Institutional Care Products, Plastics, and Inks.

Equipment and supplies for: Ball mills, basket mills, turbo mills, dispersers, mixers, pumps, filling equipment, color computers and lab supplies, metal and plastic pails, brushes, color-wheels, paint chips and associated supplies, lab equipment.

Market Coverage

  • Central & South America (since 1960)
  • The Caribbean (since 1960)
  • Florida, USA (since 1998)
  • 10 Person Sales Team
  • 15 Person Support Team

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Sales Representatives

Our inside sales representatives are experts in customer relations, logistics and inter-department communication. They ensure that each order is processed accurately and expeditiously and are proactive in addressing the potential challenges inherent in international export.

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