About Us

Established in Toronto, Canada in 1960, Chemo International has grown to include a warehouse and office in Miami with additional affiliates in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Originally a commission agent for quality European manufacturers, we are now able to consolidate, in one container, many globally-sourced products from our foreign representations with products from the NAFTA region. We take pride in being the oldest, and now the most comprehensive chemical export company of our kind.

Chemo's success can be traced directly to the quality of our management and the expertise and dedication of our staff over the past half century. A tradition of attention to customer needs, started under Albert and Vera Kircheis and carried on by Rob Sajet and his family, has enabled virtually all of our original customers to continue purchasing from Chemo today. In addition, although Chemo has grown from a commission agent to a full-fledged chemical distribution company, we still proudly maintain representation on behalf of most of our original European suppliers.

Today Chemo and its associated subsidiaries have nearly 50 employees in four countries. A 10-person technical sales team, plus customer service representatives, support staff, warehouse employees, in-house freight forwarders and customs brokers all work to facilitate the movement of our specialised cargo around the globe. Our paint chemists and chemical engineers provide technical support to our clients' specialised needs. With this dedicated group of industry professionals, Chemo International continues to fulfil the market's demand for raw material, equipment and technical service.

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