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White Masterbatches

Purity and easy dispersion

Wide selection range of white masterbatch with a high level of tinting and dispersion, to cater all kind of applications, according to the client’s requirements. The white masterbatch range is particularly popular in the manufacturing of blow and cast film, sheet and profile extrusion as well as blow moulding.

Black Masterbatches

Depth and performance

Offers a wide range of references with excellent dispersion and tinting strength, to cover from inexpensive up to high end applications, with sophisticated carbon black based formulations.

Colour Masterbatches

Life and functionality for plastic

Kompuestos has developed more than 20.000 different colour formulations for plastic applications, which cover the entire spectrum of technical requirements. Allowing us to achieve high quality masterbatch suitable for all the applications within the plastic industry.


Broad functionality for plastic

The additive masterbatch portfolio matches any requirement expressed by the client: moisture-scavenger, anti-block, antioxidant, slip or anti-UV. They can be used in different polymers and technologies.

Mineral Masterbatches

High-performance mineral based concentrates

Mineral Masterbatches range of concentrates is a unique combination of 100% treated and ultrafine minerals and premium polymer resins. Mineral Masterbatches helps minimize the carbon footprint of finished products. Our mineral concentrates are completely recyclable and naturally engineered to reduce the use of petrochemical-based products. As this product is used, you add ecological value to plastic by increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption.