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Shipping And Logistics

CHEMO INTERNATIONAL receives and sends cargo from any country. We have our private transportation fleet, internal to the United States, CHEMO TRANSPORT We have internal customs agents for the import and export of goods.

  • We consolidate products from the foreign region and NAFTA in a container.
  • HazMat certificate for the handling of dangerous goods.
  • Unique supplier for shipping and receiving chemical needs.
  • Storage capacity of more than 7650 M2 in warehouse in Miami
  • Customs of the United States approved the installation of a customs warehouse.
  • Storage capacity of 150,000 gallons (570,000 liters) in 9 separate tanks.
  • White room for liquid handling USP.
  • Mixing and bulk installations
  • Custom filling of liquid products.
  • Recycling of plastic bags for resins.
  • Warehouses for sale and logistics service in COLOMBIA, GUATEMALA and COSTA RICA.
  • Rail Access conveniently situated on a private railroad spur.
  • Ability to purchase large quantities of both dry and liquid products, allowing for most competitive pricing.
  • Access to leading chemical producers in the United States and Canada.
  • Versatility of packaging containers on-site (drums, totes or IBCs, flexi-tanks) for shipping convenience.